AquaBABES (6-35 months)

Infants and Toddlers learn water safety and share fun memories with their parents using a gentle, non-traumatic approach through songs, games and lots of colorful toys.

Using the latest methodologies from the World Aquatics Babies Congress (WABC) and the United States Swim School Association (USSSA).

Highly personalized classes with 1 instructor: 6 students with parent.

Benefits of the program:

  • Water exploration boosts confidence, self-esteem and independence
  • Promotes Parent-Child bonding
  • Establish positive parenting methods that can be used outside the pool
  • Encourage social interaction and peer learning
  • Increase in strength, muscle tone, endurance and lung capacity
  • Improves coordination, motor development, and balance
  • Results in healthier naps after swim class
  • Acquire essential safety skills using a learning-thru-play format
  • Accelerates the child’s psychomotor, cognitive, and affective development (physical, mental, emotional development
  • Enhances tactile stimulation

Skills Your Baby Will Learn:

  • Safe entries and exits – safe attitudes and behaviors in and around the water
  • Self-exploration – opportunity to experiment different ways to move through the water
  • Breath control and submersion – learning to hold breath when submerged in the water
  • Discover Buoyancy – develop balance, stability, relaxation, and confidence through exciting games and activities
  • Specific water safety skills – potentially life-saving movements and maneuvers in the water


Aqualogic sets-up a great and safe swimming environment for babies and toddlers. They learn to appreciate swimming through lots of play.

— Charmaine Abueva, mom of Martina (started at 20 months)

Aqualogic encourages the parents to take active participation in the learning process of the child.

— Bim Zulueta, mom of Alo (started at 15 months)

I am very happy with the method of teaching as it is similar to what Joel was learning in Australia, therefore the routine and songs were familiar to him already.

— Kaylene Powell, mom of Joel (started at 13 months)

The teaching is personalized based on every child’s capacity, and not one general lesson. Because of that, everyone’s skills are honed to the best of their capacity.

— Trisia Bustamante, mom of Sarita (started at 18 months)