AquaTots / AquaKids

AquaKIDS (3-12 Years Old)

A creative, non-traditional, and disciplined approach in teaching children essential swim skills using interactive games and engaging pool toys.

Swim strokes are introduced focusing on technique and efficiency based on the principles of Total Immersion™ – a method beneficial to all levels of swimming ability as it teaches effortless and fish-like movement.

Highly individualized classes with a teacher-student ratio of 1:4

Benefits of the program:

  • Develop safety skills and positive attitudes towards the water
  • Builds character and self-confidence
  • Promotes discipline and independence
  • Learn proper stroke technique and imprint good muscle memory
  • Improve level of physical fitness
  • Establish camaraderie and team spirit among fellow students
  • Set a positive foundation towards a lifetime of enjoyment in water-related activities
  • Learning through play with the use of colorful toys and equipment to ensure an enjoyable learning experience. A nurturing, non-traumatic approach in teaching
  • Professional & competent instructors trained in the Total Immersion™ swim approach: the latest in world-class swim instruction

Skills Your Child Will Learn:


  • Safe Pool Entry
  • Breath Management
  • Comfortably put head under water
  • Flutter Kick
  • Float on Back with Assistance
  • Swim Independently for short distances (2-5 meters)
  • Retrieve Toys from the bottom of the pool with assistance
  • Jump (off the side of the pool) – Turn & Swim (back to wall)


  • Retrieve toys from the bottom of the pool without assistance
  • Swim independently with head underwater for 5-8 meters
  • Bob head up for a breath
  • Independent Stationary Back float
  • Propel oneself on back independently
  • Swim in prone position and roll over to back float
  • Tread in deep water
  • Elementary Backstroke and Catch Up Freestyle


  • Drill Progression for Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Butterfly
  • Starts and Turns


Lorenzo was immediately very comfortable with the class and his teachers. I signed him up for soccer class and after a few lessons, he refused to go back and said he only wants to go to his swimming classes!

— Kimmy Flaviano, mom of Lorenzo (started at 4 years)

The benefit of swimming instruction at Aqualogic is the emphasis they put in developing the correct form and technique in swimming which will serve as a strong foundation for Joey if and when she decides to take swimming as a competitive sport.

— Mel Abesamis, dad of Joey (started at 6 years old)

The teachers are very gentle with, and understanding of, the children. Anxiety with the water is addressed at the outset so that the child gets comfortable quickly. The lessons are fun because they involve a lot of play. The children probably do not even notice that they are in school.

— Ariel Arriola, dad of Martin (started at 5 years) and Bianca (started at 2 years)

My daughter Reese was enrolled in another swim school prior to Aqualogic. She cried endlessly and refused to go in the water. She was petrified with her instructor. I was hesitant to further put her through swim school since she was so traumatized. But just after her first session with Aqualogic, she voluntarily went in the water and became very confident. She can now jump on her own and swim few meters without hesitation.

— Nikki Ng, mom of Brett (started at 4 years) and Reese (started at 2 years)