AquaTECH (15 years old and up)

Using the Total Immersion™ (TI) method, adults learn proper stroke technique through a progression of drills that lay the foundation for graceful and effortless swimming, regardless of age or skill level. With TI’s drill progression, you will learn balance, streamlining, rotation, and all of the necessary movements which lay the groundwork for efficient and relaxed swimming. With such an approach, each lap eventually becomes smooth and enjoyable. The end result is an elegant and effortless stroke as seen in world-class swimmers. Improvements we’ve seen are nothing less than remarkable.

Highly personalized classes with an instructor-student ratio of 1:4

Benefits of the program:

  • Learn balance, streamlining, rotation, and all of the necessary movements for efficient swimming
  • Non-intimidating method for beginners and recreational swimmers
  • Build confidence in deep water and participate in other water activities such as scuba diving, wake boarding, skiing, wind surfing, etc.
  • Complement gym or running workouts with a low-impact exercise
  • Unlearn bad habits and imprint good muscle memory for a lifetime of effortless swimming
  • Develop correct technique for triathlon and open-water swimming
  • Improve over-all physical fitness
  • Relieve mind from stress and tension

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Beginners/Recreational Swimmers
    Graceful and blissful swimming is what’s in store for you. Total Immersion™ methodology imparts the right technique that will enable you to cover longer distances with much less effort. In contrast to how you feel after a hard workout from the gym or after a grueling 10k run, you’ll come out of the water even more refreshed and rejuvenated after a swimming with an efficient technique. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to learn.
  • Advanced/Competitive Swimmers or Triathletes
    You will learn the same effortless and efficient stroke you see in world-class swimmers and the necessary principles and theories which explain why such a technique allows much more improvement. You’ll be endowed with the knowledge and practice of improving stroke length and decreasing stroke rate, doing more with much less, counting and reducing your strokes by at least 20%. For instance, before taking the course, you can swim a 25 meter lap in 20 strokes. After the course, you’ll learn to swim the same distance in 16 strokes or less. Imagine the total number of strokes reduced and the energy you save if you were to swim a 1,500m race!
  • Water Sports Enthusiasts
    Learning how to swim effortlessly gives you an opportunity to engage in other water sports like scuba diving, wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, wind surfing, sailing, etc. You will not just gain self-confidence, but also improve your endurance and performance for these water activities.


What I like about it is it is never rushed. Students learn at their own pace. The instructors persistently remind the students the correct form and they are very patient.

— Mark Bonifacio, 29 years old, PR Executive

The swimming technique is very efficient. If you get the stroke right, you can do laps for hours and not really get tired. It’s like Zen swimming!

— Mel Dolera, 30 years old, Training Director

Not only do I have the confidence to compete in triathlons, but I have now discovered the joy of swimming.

— Raffy Puno, 37 years old, CEO

As a surfer, I wanted to be more confident swimming in open water, and because of the conditions of being in a rip current, being drifted occasionally in the ocean, I wanted to know more how to improve how to swim efficiently, without tiring myself. Since my 1st 4 classes with Aquatech, I began to notice the big difference in my strokes and my form.

— Margarita Camacho, 35 years old, Director for Retail Operations and Marketing