Important Info


To reserve/enroll, please:
  1. Check with Aqualogic for available slots by contacting:
    • mobile number: +63 917 858 2782 or +63 917 675 2782
    • landline number: +63 2 7036386
  2. Upon checking/verifying slot availability, please sms to above-mentioned mobile number(s) the
    following information for Aqualogic to reserve the slot accordingly:
    • Name and age of student
    • Your mobile number and email address
    • Venue and Schedule you have chosen (and verified with Aqualogic as an available slot)
    • Swim level of the student
    • Number of sessions and frequency
    • Date that you intend to start your sessions
  3. Upon receipt of your sms, Aqualogic will email the reservation details to the email address you had provided.
  4. Please deposit the payment to the following bank details not later than the due date indicated by Aqualogic in the reservation email:
    • Bank: BPI
    • Account Name: Aqualogic Swim Co., Inc.
    • Savings Account #:  8243-0507-83
  5. Send proof of payment to and
  6. Secure from Aqualogic an enrolment confirmation (including guidelines and forms requiring signature).
Classes are automatically suspended in case of lightning and/or typhoon signal #2 and above.
  • All AQUAPALS classes are by appointment
  • All private classes are by appointment
  • Group Lessons
    = 1 instructor : 4 students (AquaTots / AquaKids / AquaTech)
    = 1 instructor : 6 students (AquaBabes)
  • Private Lessons
    = 1 instructor : 1 student
Rates may change without prior notice.

Price Matrix

The Price Matrix is meant to show you the price differences in one look. To reserve, check on the schedule under the particular location above. Tuition fees are exclusive of the Annual Registration Fee of P500.

AQUABABES: (Infant Swimming Program-6-35 months, accompanied by an adult)
Class Duration: 30 minutes
See price matrix

AQUATOTS/AQUAKIDS: (Children’s Learn-to-Swim Program – 3-14 years old)
Class Duration: 1 hour
See price matrix

AQUATECH: (Stroke EfficiencyProgram for Adults – 15 years & above)
Class Duration: 1 hour
See price matrix

AQUAPALS: (People with Autism Learning to Swim – 3 years & above)
Class Duration: 30 minutes
See price matrix

Downloadable PDFs

All pdf forms are fillable. In order to attach pictures inside the pdf, you should be using Adobe Reader XI. You can get them FREE at Picture should be in “.pdf” format.

Student Information Sheet

Swimmer Goal Sheet

Aqualogic FAQ


Client Feedback Form


AquaBABES 1 (6-12 months old)

  • Begins to sit unsupported
  • Can crawl and pull self up
  • Masters rolling from back to front
  • Transfers object from one hand to another
  • Pincer grasp develops and is completed by 12 months
  • Begins to stand alone
  • Begins to walk, supported

AquaBABES 2 (13-24 months)

  • Begins to walk independently
  • Assumes standing position without help
  • Begins to navigate stairs with support
  • Begins running
  • Can pick up object without falling
  • Throws and retrieves objects

AquaBABES 3 (25-35 months)

  • Refinement of locomotive skills (walking, running, climbing)
  • Balance continues to improve
  • Begin to jump with both feet, stand on one foot
  • Climbs stairs with alternate footing
  • Pick up and releases very small objects
  • Can throw objects without losing balance

AquaTOTS (2.5-3 years old)

  • Graduated from AquaBabes class or First time to take lessons but no fear of water or no separation anxiety from parent/guardian
  • Can swim short distances with pop up breath or roll over on back (swim-float-swiim)
  • Can jump into the water-turn-grab on the side of the pool

AquaPALS (3 years old & up)

  • A specialized program specifically for PALS (People with Autism Learning to Swim )

AquaKIDS 1 (4-6 years old)

  • Child’s first time to take swim lessons and is fearful of the water
  • Child does not like to separate from parent/guardian
  • Child is not comfortable with water on face

AquaKids 2 (4-6 years old)

  • Child willingly enter the pool
  • Beginner but has NO FEAR of putting head underwater and blow bubbles
  • Can move along confidently in shallow water

AquaKids 3 (4-6 years old)

  • Can swim short distances, bob head up for breath or roll over on back
  • Do not know swim strokes
  • Can do stationary back float independently
  • Retrieve toys from pool floor with assistance
  • Assisted Knee Dive from pool deck
  • Can jump into the water-turn-swim & grab on the side of the pool

AquaKids 4 (4-6 years old)

  • Knowledgable in Basic Swim Strokes (Elementary Backstroke and Catch-Up Freestyle)
  • Can retrieve toys from pool floor independently
  • Can do knee dives from pool deck

AquaKids 5 (7-14 years old)

  • Needs to build confidence in the water and no knowledge of swim strokes

AquaKids 6 (7-14 years old)

  • Knowledgeable in at least 2 Swim Strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly) but needs stroke refinement using the Total Immersion Swimming Method.

AquaKids 7 (7-14 years old)

  • Knowledgeable in at least 3 swim strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly)

AquaTech (15 years old & up)

  • Stroke Efficiency for any swim stroke for adults at any age or skill level using the Total Immersion Method